Оnline casino live roulette – a real entertainment for fans of the classic casino!

Queen of the gambling world – incredible roulette is one of the most popular entertainment in today’s virtual world. Many online casino players prefer to earn on this particular entertainment, considering it the most noble and exciting.

If you are still not familiar with this entertaining fun, now is the time to fix it. You will find amazing prizes and jackpots, as well as eternal glory and the title of champion. There are a huge number of versions from which we can conclude the appearance of this fun. One of the most popular theories is one that claims that the game originated in France.

Initially, the playing field contained only one losing sector, which brought victory to the institution. The 1800s became a landmark for the popularization of the game, as it went around the whole of Europe and the USA, and won the title of “King of Casino Games”. In 1842, two French leaders added another sector.

Features of the game of roulette with a dealer

The peculiarity of the game – live roulette online is that you can watch everything that happens directly from the screen of your monitor. Thanks to special webcams located throughout the hall, your monitor receives an image that fully covers the action in the hall and this makes you the best choice best online live roulette casino. Thus, you are transferred to a real poker room of the best Las Vegas institution.

You can feel the aristocracy and nobility of the reigning atmosphere. Watching all the details, you will no longer have doubts about the integrity of the events, because you can see everything with your own eyes. Live game is the most popular application model in the modern gambling industry. In addition to high-quality images, an online chat where you can chat with other gamers, and even with the croupier, can be considered a separate advantage.

The interface in live games and roulette in particular is fully adapted to the player’s convenience, and is divided into two parts. At the top – the field is located, the bottom – displays the control panel with specialized keys. You can choose the shooting mode yourself and switch it.

How are bets made

The principle of bets in the online live roulette casino game is simple: the more numbers are selected for a bet, the greater the probability of winning, but the smaller its amount. The following betting options are available:

  • The most profitable, but the most risky investment is choosing one number. If successful, the ratio will be 35 to 1.
  • Two numbers will bring you victory with a coefficient of 17 to 1.
  • Three characters – 11 to 1.
  • Corner / Cross – four positions – 8 to 1.
  • 6 numbers bring a win of 5 to 1.
  • Columns / Dozens – 12 to one.
  • Small / Large, Even / Odd, Red / Black – 18 to one.

The more numbers you choose when making an investment, the greater the likelihood of your victory. Try an exciting online gambling roulette, and you will find many pleasant surprises.


Of course, playing online casino live roulette is a pleasure and an indispensable component of gambling in online casinos. This game can be played no deposit, betting on any number that you like. Roulette is a game for aristocrats, especially for those who rely on their luck and love to get big wins.

The presence of a live dealer will make the game in an online casino as similar as possible to a game in a land-based casino, and many video cameras will provide the player with a guarantee of honesty and no fraud. This is one of the best choices for gamblers from anywhere in the world.

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